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first of all, you may be wondering why i haven't been on here or on msn or myspace in over a month.

the answer is quite simple. eliminating a stressor from my life.

why try anymore?

okay. i'll be real here. it's not going to be the same, and i don't want to go back to how things were no matter how much i miss it. it was all a mistake. and this is the internet, so i'll get over it. and apologizing doesn't help. there are people i don't want in my life anymore and they'll just have to face that fact. i'm sorry, but it's true. and i needed to get that out so you know where you stand. apologizing doesn't help. putting me first on your myspace top 8 doesn't help, and adding me to your LJ interests doesn't help. there is no helping it, and i'm not coming back. i doubt you'd want me to now anyway.

and for god's sake stop acting like you CARE. You don't. Stop creating an illusion. if you cared, you'd send me an email, a message on Myspace, a dmail, a letter in in the real mail, anything. it's not that difficult. so shut up and stop bs-ing your way through life. it's like, "ooh i miss her so much! it's been forever since we've talked!" BULLCRAP.

if i added you to my new accounts, feel special. if i didn't, you might know why.

i have enough to worry about in my life (school, you know... ) than to worry about any of this.

i went through an "I hate people" phase, though you'd probably never be able to see by looking at me or hearing me talk, really. i went through an "i can't stop thinking about this" phase, and still am. but it will stop.

i don't believe in people anymore, though. thanks a lot.


remember: why try to go back, when all you can do is go forward?

remember: you have no idea what deep is.