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I went to jail.

Yeah, the two government classes took a trip to the Dutchess County Jail after first period this morning. It was pretty radical, too. First of all, we all had one bus so all the seats were full and we doubled up. I sat with Gina. When we were going to get on the bus we were holding hands so we wouldn't get separated because we knew we were going to sit together. Michelle gave us a look but claimed it was a "what the hell" look, not a freaked out look. Anyway, it was just so we wouldn't get separated. The only girl I would hold the hand of and not because of a separation deal is Vicki :) Of course. Obviously. Hurrah.

The jail was interesting. Starting income is 40,000 something. That's pretty good. If I wanted to get into law enforcement and criminal stuff I'd try to work there. haha.

There were some hot peeps in jail. Also some crazy looking peeps and some old peeps that kind of disgusted me. I'd never say that while I was there though, I swear.

Police dogs sniffed out drugs and we all watched. That was fun, but I got a headache from the old gym we were all in. The acoustics and the lighting (as Gina said) were just really bad and that gave Tara, Gina, and me splitting headaches. On top of that, yeah. I wasn't feeling too healthy to begin with.

I was supposed to go to the library but I came home, took medicine, made Phil call the library, and then took a nap. That was fun. When I woke up, Gilmore Girls was on. Bleh!

I can't wait for the new South of Nowhere because that girl who plays Spencer is hot and so is her brother and so is her other brother and so is that girl who got knocked up but then lost the kid but that was way before Spencer and them moved there!



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Nov. 10th, 2005 12:39 am (UTC)

intresting day I must say.

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